About me

I would just briefly introduce myself as Marcela – simply a girl who decided to follow her dream and do what she truly enjoys – drawing and painting.

And if you are interested in a longer story...

I have loved paper, pencils and crayons ever since I was a child and I have always doodled something. At home, in kindergarten and at school – the edges of my school notebooks were always decorated with all sorts of doodles. And later on, these doodles found their way into my university scripts or notes at work as well. In my free time, I always made time for some proper drawing.

In 2018, I became interested in digital painting. I liked the possibility to draw on my computer in a similar way I drew on paper and so I started self-learning how to work with a graphic tablet in graphic programs. Although digital art became my main focus in the past years, I still draw and sketch traditionally.

Drawing and painting remained a hobby for me for a long time. But whether I was busy studying, working or dealing with other things, I always came back to the paper or the tablet and it was simply part of my whole life.

Usually, only my relatives or family were allowed to see my work. They mostly liked my pictures and I sometimes drew on request or got asked: why don’t you put it on the Internet? why don’t you make a living off of it? Somehow, I guess I realized that what I am doing is not completely worthless.

Finally, towards the end of 2022, I said to myself that 2023 will simply be the year when I go for it and embark on a new journey in my life. So I revived my website and I’m fully devoting myself to what I love. Whether it’s madness and folly or some crisis of the post-covid age remains to be seen but we only live once 🙂

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